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DWI Prevention Driving Program for Summer 2014
Southampton NY -- May 19, 2014 --


     May 19, 2014, New York -  In response to research from the Department of Motor Vehicles stating that one-third of traffic fatalities in NY State still involve impaired or intoxicated drivers, James Hirtenstein, Founder and President of Main Street Drivers announced today that he is adding a vital new program to his personal chauffeur service. MSD is implementing a DWI Prevention Program for people who want to drink responsibly. MSD will dispatch a team of two drivers to any location 24/7 to make sure the impaired driver and his vehicle are delivered to their final destination safely. Additionally, Hirtenstein plans to donate $5.00 per fare to a Students Against Destructive Driving (SADD) chapter. 


     Hirtenstein, one of the founding members of The International Association for Child Safety (IAFCS), has a lengthy history of creating safe environments.  With safety in his blood, Hirtenstein felt compelled to take this measure after considering all of the statistical facts.  According to StopDWI.org, offenders can pay fees of up to $15,000, suffer license revocation and possibly serve a jail sentence. Hirtenstein says, “Making the donations to SADD help create moreawareness on the risks involved and what is at stake -- lives.”


Main Street Driversis also utilized by clients for Winery Tours, Travel About Town, Weddings & Rehearsal Dinners, On-site Designated Drivers, Domestic Help Transportation, Airport Pick-ups/Drop-Offs and Concerts & Sporting Events. With the
‘Your Car + Our Driver’ business model, clients are driven in the luxury of their own vehicles at half the price of car/limo services. All drivers are insured, vetted and gone through a comprehensive background check.

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